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Car Insurance Quotes Online And What You"re Paying For

When you're shopping for car insurance online it's a good idea to know what you're paying for. That way you'll have a better idea of how you can save money and still get the right coverage for your situation.

First of all, you can get accurate comparison quotes. Comparison quotes are the best way to find out if you can save on car insurance.

Secondly, you might find out that you are paying for coverages you don't need. By eliminating those you could possibly save with a lower premium.

Several factors influence how much you pay for car insurance, including:

Your age -- Insurance companies will often give you a lower rate if you are over 25.

The mileage you drive -- Typically the more miles you drive per year, the greater the risk a car insurance company will consider you to be, which can increase your premium.

Your driving record -- This should be obvious. More tickets, more accidents mean you're going to spend more on car insurance.

Length of time since you've had car insurance -- If you haven't had car insurance for awhile, you may pay more at first.

The type of car you drive -- Different insurance companies rate cars differently as far as risk of loss. Repair costs, the likelihood of theft or the inherent risk (such as a sports car) that's attributed to a car affects how much it costs to insure.

Where you live -- Different areas of the country or a city can be considered high or low risk by most car insurance companies based on crime rates, costs of medical care and more.

What your coverages, features and deductibles are -- The more coverages you have, the lower your deductibles and add-on features such as rental car reimbursement can all add more to the cost of your policy.

The most important thing is to make sure you comparison shop. Car insurance costs can vary between companies by quite a bit and you should try to get at least three different quotes for comparison, using the same coverages and features so your comparison is equal.

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